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Image of Success Secrets 4 Students: Things They Don't Teach You At University

Success Secrets 4 Students: Things They Don't Teach You At University

Inside This EBook, You Will Get The Exact Tools, Strategies & Techniques To Succeed at University and Beyond
Whether you’re a student or not, you will benefit immensely from the principles and content in this book. Here is what you’ll learn.
Do you want better grades? Do you want to discover certain techniques and strategies which can help you maximise your revision time and excel in your exams? Students that excel at exam do certain things that make studying easy. In this book I’ll introduce you to 14 powerful scientifically proven study techniques which will transform your revision sessions and produce outstanding results. You will enjoy your revision, you’ll notice you understand things quicker, memorise quicker and retain a lot of information. You’ll learn easy techniques to recall information.

Do you feel nervous walking into exams? Would you like to be more confident before your exams and on the exam day? This book shows you 7 principles to succeed on exam day. A full chapter is dedicated and packed with actions which you must do or avoid on the day of the
exam to succeed. You’ll learn the most important things to do on the day of your exam to perform at your best.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by deadlines, course works, tests or assignments and just don’t have enough time to do them all? Effective time management is a big challenge for most people both students and professionals. But you won’t have to worry about this anymore because in this book you’ll learn a simple and practical time management tip. You’ll discover the secrets to prioritise your time effectively and balance your work, studies and social life. You will enjoy a better and balanced quality of life. You’ll be stress free, relaxed and enjoy your study experience.

Do you sometimes struggle to motivate yourself to get started on goals or course works? Maybe motivation to study or to revise? You’ll learn the 6 key most powerful tools that drive all our motivation and how you can use them to transform your energy, boost your drive and motivate yourself instantly to achieve any goal you want. You’ll master a unique skill on how to use pain and pleasure to propel you to success.

Whatever you want to achieve at university or in your life , you need a clear robust strategy and action plan. In this book, you’ll learn key steps on how to create and achieve the results you want. You’ll learn how to define your goals with clarity, a unique system to measure your progress and enhance your productivity. You’ll become more confident with a clear and focused vision on what you want to achieve.

Preparing for job interviews and mastering interview skills is vital to achieving the ideal job you want after or during your studies. Having the confidence to apply successfully for work placements and exceling at interviews requires knowledge of certain interview techniques. These techniques are found in this book. You’ll also have about 100 sample interview questions to practice with and frameworks on how to answer them successfully. You’ll also learn some tricks to make you unique and stand out from any competition or from other candidates.

Are you really happy? There are certain habits which if practiced daily will make us feel extremely happy and fulfilled. There are 4 areas in our lives which if we focus on them daily we’ll feel a deep sense of gratification and enrichment. In this book, you’ll learn the 4 key areas to focus on to become truly happy and fulfilled and enjoy the quality of life which you desire and deserve.


Currently a pharmacy student in their final year. The only thing I wish was that I read this book earlier before the interview process for summer vacation or pre-reg began. The book contains a lot of the things (and more) of what I researched into when I was doing my interviews. It gave me a broader picture of what interviewers were looking for and at the same time it provides skills on how to achieve those qualities.

Tbf, a lot of the time when we want to do something we actually don't know how or where to start. This book definitely lays the foundation of achieving an amazing mindset and how to be successful. Ive recommended the book to my friends and family and would also recommend it to all pharmacy students out there.